Don’t Believe Everything You See

Have you ever worked on something that felt really hard to do, or it took much longer than necessary until someone showed you another way and you thought,

"Oh! Why didn't I think of that?" 

Or maybe you’ve complained about something in your life and someone gave you advice that could solve the problem and you thought,

"Oh, I could never do that." 

Or perhaps you thought something was going to be terrible or uncomfortable and then you did it and said to yourself,

"Oh, that wasn't that bad." 

If you have had any of these experiences, you have experienced Your Lying Mind.

Your mind lies.

Not because it is bad or mean or out to get you.  It lies because it is working based on limited information, preconceived notions, rules, and assumptions that may have seemed accurate at one time, but are actually not true. 

It’s not an accident.  The reason we only notice what we notice is due to a complex mental system that filters out much of the information that runs contrary to our preconceived ideas.

As long as these preconceived notions operate unconsciously, under the surface of your awareness, then you are at the mercy of the Lying Mind. 

As a result, you may:

Overlook obvious opportunities and solutions that could advance your goals

Misinterpret communication and create unnecessary interpersonal drama

Keep repeating the same relationship dynamics over and over

Wonder why others seem to be able to easily create the results you want, while you stay stuck on a hamster wheel…

And all along you will be convinced you are making rational choices!

Your mind is seductive.

The mind’s filtering system is also the reason we tend to miss red flags and become seduced by situations or people that end up disappointing us in all-too-familiar ways:  
     The new job or boss that promises big recognition but ends up undermining your accomplishments… again.

     The new love interest that sweeps you off your feet but turns out to be commitment-phobic… again.

     The deal you are sure is going to change the trajectory of your business for the better, but it ends up costing you money...again.

And you won’t even see it coming!

Does this mean you are destined to miss out on all the goodness and opportunities that life has to offer?

Not at all!  With the right kind of awareness, you can learn to catch – and reset – your mind’s filtering system to allow in significantly more truth and possibility, and therefore more CHOICE.

That’s why we are excited to introduce:

Your Lying Mind is a 4-week experiential online program, designed to help you uncover the unconscious rules YOUR mind is playing by, what information it’s likely to filter out, and why.  

You’ll also develop the skills to override your default filters and widen the range of options you can see – AND take action on them – helping you achieve the things that are most important to you.

Here's what we'll cover:

➤ Module 1: Learn why, out of all the infinite possibilities, your mind is wired to see ONLY specific things.

➤ Module 2: Discover your mind’s primary preoccupation – what it unconsciously seeks and finds, instead of finding what you really want.

 Module 3: Identify the key seductions and smokescreens likely to cloud your judgment and lure you away from your true desires.

 Module 4: Learn how to have the right conversation with yourself to reset the filters, dissolve the seductions, and get back on track to what you want. 

What’s included with Your Lying Mind

4 Pre-Recorded Video Assignments (One per week). You watch the lesson and do the exercise on your own time

4 Live Trainer-Led Sessions to discuss, integrate and get support with your learning

Unlimited Access to all course content, recordings and materials

The confidence to move forward towards your goals, and the power to choose which thoughts and actions you embrace 

Get ready to Live Life on Your Terms

When you show up fully for this program, you’ll come away with insights, self-understanding and tools that will not only support you in achieving more of what you want today, but also last you a lifetime.


Meet Your Trainer

Cassie Crow, Senior Trainer

Cassie Crow has been leading Productive Learning workshops for over 10 years.  Known for her fierce devotion to serving our clients with truth and compassion, Cassie is one of our most sought-after facilitators and workshop writers.  She’s committed to continuous learning, avidly practices everything she teaches, and has personally invested in over 2500 hours of self-development.

Course Dates and Times


Lesson Delivery Date   

Live Session Date

Module 1   

November 5      

November 9, 7:30-9:00 pm Pacific

Module 2

November 12      

November 16, 4:30-6:00 pm Pacific

Module 3

November 26      

November 30, 4:30-6:00 pm Pacific*

Module 4

December 3      

December 7, 4:30-6:00 pm Pacific

*No session Thanksgiving week

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We’ve brought that experience together for you in this workshop to help guide you through understanding what mental blocks are holding you back and how you can make the choice to move past them - giving you more power & freedom to BE in the world.

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Whether you’re just starting to discover the impact that your thoughts and actions have on how you achieve your goals, or if you’re a naturally goal-oriented person who’s advanced on your journey and looking to take control of your life - this workshop is for you.


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Chris S.

Irvine, CA

"When you gain a deep understanding of your programmed/default thinking, you can began to reprogram yourself to accomplish or obtain the things you have always wanted, but thought you could never have or deserve."

David L.

Newport Beach, CA

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