Small Group Coaching for Women


Bring Peace and Empowerment to your Relationship with Food and Body.

Develop an understanding of what it means to nourish yourself deeply, with and beyond food.
Identify hidden limitations and engage the creativity and accountability of your peers to take new actions toward your dreams.
As part of this synergistic group you will get inspiration and support to chart a new path to living life on your terms.

Personal Coaching from
Productive Learning Coaches

We are excited to add the newest offering to our menu of transformational opportunities.

We have been fortunate to work with over 15,000 people since the beginning of Productive Learning, and we hear it over and over from the women in our community - "I want help with food and body image!"  Finally, we are making that available.

What makes this different?

This small group coaching program aims to clean the slate and build a healthy, vibrant and nourishing relationship between you, food and your body.  It is said that how you do one thing is how you do everything, which makes your relationship with food fertile ground for self-discovery, growth, and transformation on a broader level.

You will:

Look not at “what to eat”, but at who YOU are as an eater. 
Be guided and supported in understanding your past beliefs and  
behaviors around food.
Increase your awareness of physical, mental and emotional cues in the present.
Move toward a self-generated vision of true nourishment not just with food, but in body, mind and spirit.

Powerful coaches support your goals

Our coaches for this program have nearly 40 years of combined experience in the tools of Life Success that Productive Learning offers.  Nothing will be held back.

Every week, you'll have a one-hour small group session where you will receive personal coaching around your challenges and goals, and declare new actions & outcomes for the upcoming week.

In between sessions, you'll have recommended exercises, reflections and practices to deepen your learning and uncover new avenues of discovery and empowerment.

In addition to the weekly, small-group sessions and email support,  you will receive one private coaching session with your coach as a bonus, to use at any point during the program. You can use this time to forward your objective towards self-discovery, growth and transformation.

What do you truly want?

We've designed this program to provide you with the support, coaching, and growth opportunities you need to move beyond where you are now in life.  

If you want to create a real transformation in what's possible for your relationship with food and your body, this program is for you.

What You'll Get When You Join The
Nourished Small Group Coaching for Women Program

In this 3-month program, you will participate in meaningful exploration and discovery of what it will take for you to create an empowered relationship with food and with your body.  There is a loving relationship you can have with your body and it's right around the corner.

Weekly Group Sessions

Group calls will be an opportunity to point our attention inward with curiosity and to solicit group creativity and feedback.

Unlimited Access

You will have unlimited access to all videos and program content as they are released throughout the course.

Peer to Peer Support 

This is a safe place to feel supported and challenged and gain accountability from your coach and peer group.

1-to-1 Coaching Bonus Session

Each member receives one 30-minute coaching session with your coach.  This session can be used any time during the course of the program for support with any topic or challenge of importance to you.

All of this for a small investment

Weekly Group Sessions.
Intimate 4 Person Groups.
Structured Focus.
1-to-1 Coaching Bonus.
Unlimited Access to Program Content.

All of the above

Full 12-week program

monthly (3 months)
last payment $783

All of the above

Full 12-week program


Meet the Creator of the Program

You'll get to meet Michelle and share your desired outcomes during your post-application interview.

Hey there!  I’m Michelle Leath - creator of the Nourished Coaching Program curriculum. I am a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I recently joined Productive Learning as a coach, and I also support the marketing team to spread the word about living life beyond our comfort zones.

My journey into coaching began over ten years ago with my own personal transformation when I went from feeling unfulfilled, stuck and struggling with food, to discovering that I had the power to choose a life that nourishes my deepest hungers and desires. Since then, I’ve guided hundreds of women to discover their own path to well-nourished living and empowerment with food and beyond.  

Personally, I have an insatiable appetite for personal discovery and growth and love engaging in many different forms of self-exploration.  I believe that if I’m to support someone to live their most authentic and courageous life, I need to walk the talk, so I continually invest in myself through coaching and workshops, as I love learning about myself and developing my skills as a coach.

This program is for you if...

You know you could be healthier but just can't seem to make it happen or last.
You're willing to consider that your eating or body challenges may be about more than just food, and you're excited to learn what that is.
You are ready to feel good about your body NOW, not only/if/when it changes.
You're ready to take new action to experience more pleasure and nourishment in every area of your life.

This is NOT the program for you if...

You are looking for a quick weight loss fix.
You are looking for someone to tell you what to eat or do (this program is about empowering you to find your own answers).
You aren't willing to make space in your life to do the work.
You aren't open to honest, straight-forward coaching.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have been delivering transformational results for nearly 30 years - we know that if you engage in this material and participate with our coaches, this program will make a lasting difference in your life. If you participate and do not feel that we fulfilled this promise, just reach out and we will make it right.

By Application Only

We've done a lot of coaching over the last 30 years, and the one thing we know is that commitment matters!  

So, every small group of four will be curated to be the best fit to accomplish the desired outcomes.  To do that, we've designed a powerful pre-purchase process that let's us all know we are on the same page and ready to move forward together powerfully.

The Process for Application & Acceptance

Express Interest

Complete the form below to let us know you are interested.  This will start the process of application.

Submit Application

You will be taken to an application page where you will tell us more about what you want to accomplish in the program.  

Coach Interview

Once your application has been reviewed and a coach identified, you will receive a link to schedule an interview.


During that interview, you and your coach will agree if the program is right for you, and you will choose your payment method.

Apply Now - let us know you are interested in joining the next program!

Step 1 : Express Interest

To be considered for the next group program, apply now!  

Fill out your application today, we will be closing registrations once we reached our maximum number of applicants.

12-Week Program. 
Weekly Group Sessions.
Intimate 4 Person Groups.
Program Price is $2,345.

Begin the application process!

Fill out this form to complete the simple application process for an opportunity to join the  Nourished Coaching program!  

Here Are Your Questions Answered

When will we find out if we've been accepted into the group?

Question One

Once you have completed the application form and your interview, we will be notifying you if you’ve been accepted into the program.  

How many people will be accepted into the group?

Question Four

Each small group consists of a coach and 4 members.

How is the program structured, what will the sessions be like?

Question Two

The sessions will be weekly 1-hour zoom calls for 12-weeks. You will also schedule your 1-to-1 coaching call utilizing the scheduling link.

What happens if I'm not accepted this time, will there be a waiting list?

Question Five

Yes, there will be a waiting list. You will be notified once a spot opens up in the order that you are on the list.  

Are there any prerequisites to applying for this program?

Question Three

There are no prerequisites for this program.

I have special dietary needs… will this work for me?

Question Six

This program is more about how you relate to food than what you eat, and much of it has nothing to do with food at all. If you have dietary restrictions or food sensitivities, what you learn may still apply to you and be highly beneficial in helping you increase your overall sense of nourishment and peace with food and your body. The best bet is for us to have a conversation to make sure it’s a fit.

Benefits of Working with Productive Learning

Conscious Connection

By taking the time to understand the connection between my conscious and unconscious, I face life in an entirely new way. The best part is that all this work allows me to show up the way I want to show up.

Kit MacNee  

Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley  

The Power of Choice

Productive Learning helped me discover that having choice is profound and unbelievably empowering.

I spent more quality time with my family, developing deep intimate relationships based on love & support, even as I grew my business from $16M in production to $40M.

Darin Triolo  

Triolo Realty Group, Keller Williams  

Dreams Actualized

Since  taking workshops with Productive Learning, I have started & grown my own business, bought my first home, and enjoy greater mental clarity & emotional stability. 

Jenna McCarty  

Founder of Juvenation Healing Arts  

Apply Now!

Apply now to be considered for the next group program. We will be closing the application process when we've reached our maximum number of applicants. 

12-Week Program.
Weekly Group Sessions.
Intimate 4 Person Groups.
Structured Focus.
Unlimited Access to Program Content.
Program Price is $2,345.

Begin the application process!

Fill out this form to complete the simple application process for an opportunity to join the   Nourished  Coaching program!

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